Quotes from reviews about The Bankers Daughter :


“The Bankers Daughter is a steaming broth of power, class, politics, greed,

And (of course) sex from the smoking pen of Nesta Wyn Ellis”. Harper’s and Queen.


“Nesta Wyn Ellis can write, whatever her other capabilities. Her plot is a good yarn.” Austin Mitchel MP, The House Magazine.



The Banker’s Daughter is a wonderful romp through the world of finance, media, politics and crime, not necessarily in that order, but plotted with skill and ingenuity. It is also one of the raunchiest books I’ve read in a long time…

Sex, power, greed, corruption, jealousy and a genuine love story, this book has it all. Essential bedtime reading.” Christie Hickman, Woman’s Journal.


“Glossy, larger than life reading.” The Mail on Sunday


“Like Jeffrey Archer but with more glitz and sex.” The Daily Express


“A novel so steamy that readers may find it necessary to hide it in a copy of The Spectator. “ The Daily Telegraph.


“Like a finely constructed American ministerial: slick, titillating and not inconceivable.” The Evening Standard.


Already tipped as another Jeffrey Archer, Nesta Wyn Ellis’s first novel contains all the right ingredients; a strong narrative line spun around the themes of politics, power and greed…a compelling read that will surely be followed by a sequel.” Books


“This one is a winner and may be destined as a minor classic in the raunchy catalogue of salacious fiction with nevertheless artistic merit and a substratum of serious ideas.” The Mayfair Times.


“This book made my hair stand on end.” John Major, (former Prime Minister).