Three Days in September


The passionate and mysterious story of a girl who must heal her past before she can live in the present. In Paris, October 1939, a young woman lies in a coma, lost to the world. A man sits beside her bed, wearing the uniform of a Wehrmacht Major.  The young woman is Anna, his wife. In another city in the present time, Annette lies beside her lover, Christian and dreams this past scene. The words she hears, “Don’t leave me, don’t leave me,” echo in her waking mind. Haunted by mysterious images, compelled by love, singer and composer Annette follows Christian to Paris, but encounters Jérôme and a complex triangle develops.


She joins Jérôme at his family chateau in the Champagne country where, in a ruined ballroom lit only by candlelight, their passion rises to obsessive heights. Christian and Jérôme meet by accident and when all three spend a weekend at the chateau, Jérôme's behaviour becomes ever more driven by jealousy. The past dominates the present as Annette relives the trauma of Anna, ravished bride of a summer that culminated in war, and which destroyed her marriage and her life. The present is where she can find her future. Or is she fated to repeat her tragic past….?

A Love Is Like A Day


On a tropical island, a woman swims in a lagoon, walks on a beach; alone, but haunted by shadows of two absent loves.  Reveling in her solitude, in fierce midday sun, she tries to shed the shadows of these loves which cling after the night, and which are evoked as disturbing mirror images in the lagoon as evening begins. Couples around her only serve to stress the hypocrisies, possessiveness and power strategies of family relationships.


Then, a yacht sails into the lagoon: she encounters one of its crew and they play like dancers in the sea, in the fierce, shadowless noon light. They share an intensely present day and night before he sails away.  If they meet again, will their relationship degenerate into the commonplace, with its undercurrents of psychological struggle? Or, can it remain a love without shadows, existing always in the present, as it did in the noon light of that midsummer day?


A Love Is Like a Day is a story rich with symbolism, myth and mysticism; a tale of great beauty about the many faces of love, reflected by nature. It is a story of perfect union of the carnal and the spiritual, the alchemy of love between man and woman in its highest form. And it is the story of woman who can accept nothing less.


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The Mistress

The Banker's Daughter


A powerful story of love and a passion that transforms everything it touches. Catherine, the woman who has everything; beauty, sex appeal, style, her own magazine empire, a rich father, a powerful husband, lacks only love.

She finds her love but in doing so has to contend not only with the fact of her marriage but also with the social barriers of class and race. But the power of love is so great that Catherine is willing to sacrifice her privileged life: she smashes the whole cut glass world of her enviable existence in her determined effort to win the love she desires. In the process, she becomes engaged in the conflict between Good and Evil, is almost swamped by darkness and violence...and in the process demonstates not only her own strength, but the value of that precious commodity called Love...

The Mistress


Zuleika, an exoctically beuatiful super model id drowned while swimming from a yatch off Bali and, with indecent speed, cremated on the beach in a traditional ceremony. Her lover, the rising young US media tycoon, Ned BLundel, commissions a discreet inquiry into her death and Sandy Hart, a young newspaper reporter turned inquiry agent, starts her investigation with the promise that, if she is successful, Blundel will give her a job on his New York paper.


Working from her New York office, Sandy and her zany assistant Sean Bradley interview Zuleika's friends, her mother and a wacky parrot. But the focus of their research shifts from Zuleika's death to her recent life as the mistress of four powerful men.


In a world-wide investigation ranging from New York and Washington DC to Bali, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Australia and South Africa, Sean and Sandy struggle to unravel the web of secrets involving Zuleika and her lovers. The story, told through the discoveries of the two young investigators and often related via their wise cracking dialogue also involves their own deepening relationship. Sean is in love with Sandy, but she is determined to keep the relationship on a business level. However, as they are also both followed and jeopardized, even Sandy cannot ignore her feelings...


1. A Love So Beautiful

2. Woman Of Experience

3. My Love is Coming Home Tonight

4. Winter

5. Heartbeat in my Mind

6. The Sweetest Guy in Town

7. The Love is In Your Eyes

8. La Pluie d'Amour

"Experience of Love" was recorded at Snakeranch Studios, London. Nesta sings accompanied by Charles Miller at the piano. The music and lyrics were composed by Nesta. Piano arrangements are by Nesta and Charles Miller. Produced by Nesta Wyn Ellis for Amour Records.

"Les Rivages du Paradis" was recorded at Antione Herve studio, Paris. Nesta sings accompanied by Antoine Herve and Veronique Wilmart at the piano. This recording includes beautiful songs from Aznavour, Piaf and Mouloudiji and songs composed and arranged by Nesta.  Co-Produced by Nesta Wyn Ellis for Amour Records and RV Productions.


7. Trois Jours En Septembre

8. Un Jour Tu Verras

9. La Pluie d'Amour

10. Il Faut Savoir

11. Je Te Vois

12 l'Hymne a L'Amour



1. Les Feuilles Mortes

2. Tes Yeux

3. L'Amour C'est Comme Un Jour

4. La Vie En Rose

5. Les Rivages Du Paradis

6. Sur Ma Vie*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Nesta Wyn Ellis

A Love is Like a Day


Lioness Books Publishing
The Mistress
The Banker's Daughter

The music albums are currently unavailable but Nesta is preparing a third album of her songs in English and French. A song book of Nesta's compositions will also be published next year (2015).



The Marquess of Bath, Lord of Love


The Marquess of Bath best known as the Lion of Longleat has made himself a legendary figure for his highly publicised love life. Bath calls his mistresses 'wifelet's and parades them at London parties. Nesta Wyn Ellis writes about the behind scenes dramas of Bath's lonely life at his Renaissance castle Longleat and the cat fights that break out when more than one 'wifelet' joins him for a weekend. Her 40 hours of interviews with Bath that form the basis of her biography include his own accounts of his feuds with his father and brother and of wife beating. Nesta's highly regarded biography, "Lord of Love" was serialised in the Express and featured in long reviews in the Mail and other national newspapers.