Paris Production Services combines Nesta's background as a producer

of her own stage shows, concerts, music and dinner cabarets in London,

Paris and Edinburgh and the production of two albums of songs(see Music) and her extensive experience of TV production.


Paris Production Services assists producers from all over the world with

their pre-production and production needs in Paris.

Nesta's uk registered company LIONESS FILMS LIMITED uses Paris

Production Services to manage locations, crew and casting and other

production work in France.



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Three Days in September

The story is set in Paris in the present day as a young singer follows her lover to that city of love and is then driven to solve tragic mysteries from

the past in order to rebuild her life. The plot resolves through flashes back to events in September 1939 when those first three days of World War 2 are the key to understanding the mysterious title. Music, composed by Nesta, whose moving songs have drawn discerning audiences to her shows, form an important element of the story telling on screen.

Nesta is working on the early stages of the production in which her company LIONESS FILMS LIMITED will be a co-producer.

The book version of the story, 'THREE DAYS IN SEPTEMBER' is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Paris Production Services

Nesta, as Yzabel, her stage persona, plays the role of Alicia the 53 year old singer who despairs of her future during the last night of her contract

at a night club, in the award winning short film "Bolsa de Huesos y Recuerdos" by promising young Venezuelan director Beatriz Ciliberto.

Click on the video to see Nesta's performance in this film.

Nesta’s appearance as an actress and singer complements her new work as a writer and producer of film dramas and also capitalises on her work as a singer and as a composer and lyricist in both French and English.

The song, 'Tes Yeux' (Your Eyes) sung by Nesta in her role as Alicia is one of her early French compositions.

Following her arrival in Paris in 2000 Nesta moved the main direction of her work into film. She has become increasingly involved in film and music production. Her work on her own feature film " Three Days in September" is seminal to this move.

Nesta Wyn Ellis