The Marquess of Bath, Lord of Love, by Nesta Wyn Ellis, published by Dynasty Press on November 1st 2010

ISBN : 978-0-9553507-4-0


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1. Roger Lewis Daily Mail November 5th 2010

“Lord Bath is ‘positively swarming with women who are queuing up to share his bed’, Nesta Wyn Ellis informs us in this brilliant biography, which has the complex richness of an Iris Murdoch novel.”


2. Lynn Barber Sunday Times Culture Section November 21st 2010

Lynn Barber concludes her review with: This biography is in many ways as eccentric as its subject, written with a baroque mixture of high-flown pretentiousness and low-down tittle-tattle.   But Wyn Ellis has obviously enjoyed unfettered access to Bath, and delivers a convincing portrait of a most peculiar man".


3. The Telegraph William Langley November 27th 2010

Nesta Wyn Ellis paints a poignant picture of a confused oddball torn between his obligations and desires, and burdened with a traumatic upbringing, and burdened with a traumatic upbringing that left him “unsure what love is.”


4. Shvoong Review by Lucas Die

“The Marquess of Bath, Lord of Love,” published by Dynasty Press. It is a fact that the publishers decide on the titles of books they care to publish but a more inept title could hardly have been chosen. It would be of an advantage to read the book and understand its content before giving it an unsuitable title.

This should not distract from the brilliant book Ellis has written. She drew on 40 hours of interviews she conducted with the Marquess to compile his life history. Her brilliance is not the recounting of a rather flat and uninspiring life of someone living in the void, but in the psychological analysis of how her subject got there.



5 “Unlike most other biographers, Nesta is impossibly exotic and glam, deploying astrology, a sharp forensic and political mind and tanks of charm to lure or elicit stellar confidences. She was once Harpers & Queen's political correspondent and stood for Parliament herself, forging useful alliances at Westminster. Her notorious novel The Banker's Daughter was retitled 'The Bonker's Daughter' by wags. After the Major storm, during which time Nesta appeared several times on front pages including those of the Sun and Sunday Times, she moved to Paris to pursue her career as a nightclub chanteuse.”

Victor Olliver



6.Spectator Book Ends November 5th 2010

Apparently Lord Bath is writing an online autobiography, ‘an oeuvre of some seven million words’. For those without a computer, a broadband connection or any better way of spending a few years, Nesta Wyn Ellis’s The Marquess of Bath: Lord of Love (Dynasty Press, £13.99) will make an adequate substitute.



7.The Lady November 16th 2010

“Lord Bath’s eccentricities are legendary. This is the man who believes in free love

and, as well as a wife, keeps around 75 so- called ‘wifelets’, his term for the mistresses in his modern-day harem at Longleat House. But this month, a no-holds-barred biography, The Marquess of Bath: Lord of Love, paints a more complex picture of the bohemian Alexander Thynn. I first met its author Nesta Wyn Ellis at

one of the Marquess’s infamous Sunday lunches 10 years ago. Since then she has

shared the details of her many intimate conversations with the Marquess. It has given me an insight into life behind the castle walls of Longleat. The picture that emerges is of a deeply complex bon viveur. Indeed, according to Wyn Ellis, despite his vast riches, Lord Bath has a Fagin-like frugality, preferring to use his pensioner’s

bus pass than pay for a taxi.”



Express Serialisation

Two extracts from the biography were published in the Daily Express during October 2010.


The Daily Express Features Editor Grant Feller wrote “…I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. Brilliantly written and eye-opening, to say the least.”


Early media mentions:

Madame Arcati Interview online October 2010


Diary mentions:

Daily Telegraph: Mandrake August 01 2010:


Libidinous Lord Bath is brought to book

The Marquess of Bath, who has had at least 73 'wifelets', distances himself from a biography with which he had cooperated.


By Richard Eden 
Published: 6:22AM BST 01 Aug 2010


After 41 years of marriage in which the Marquess of Bath has enjoyed the company of at least 73 "wifelets", his real wife has finally had enough.

The Marchioness of Bath, 66, is, though, not objecting to her husband's latest infidelity, but to his cooperation with a biographer, Nesta Wyn Ellis.


The author, whose book about Lord Bath, 78, will be published this autumn, tells Mandrake: "Lady Bath has put her foot down. I think she has decided that it is undignified for her to read about all these different women."


The Marquess, who lives at Longleat, his family seat in Wiltshire, has now made it clear that he does not wish to be associated with the book. "He gave me 95 per cent of my material, so I am not worried," says Wyn Ellis, who wrote a biography of John Major, the Conservative former prime minister.

"I have all the tapes and transcripts of our interviews, but Lord Bath has decided now that he doesn't like the book. I think he got worried when he saw it all in black and white."

Wyn Ellis claims that the Hungarian-born marchioness, who was known as Anna Gaël during her film acting career, has also forbidden her husband from posting any more of his personal memoirs on the internet during his lifetime.


Mail Online Richard Kay Nov 15th 2010

Writer and cabaret singer Nesta Wyn Ellis has fallen out with the subject of her latest biography — the ­ Marquess of Bath. Neither eccentric Bath nor any of his 75 wifelets came to ­Nesta’s book launch last week at The ­Kennington Bookshop, South London. Explains Nesta, who also wrote a 1991 biography of former prime minister John Major: ‘I ­specifically didn’t invite his girlfriends in case there was a punch-up between them.’

What of the Loins Of Longleat himself? ‘I gave Alexander a copy of the book and he said he didn’t like any of it,’ says Nesta. ‘I told him: “These are accurate transcripts of your own words.” That was two years ago — I haven’t spoken to him since.

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Madame Arcati interview 19.11.10

Wiltshire Times Friday November 26th 2010 James Williams

The author of the first biography of Lord Bath has revealed many of the myths surrounding the Marquess

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