Yzabel, also known in Paris as La Sirene, was born Nesta Wyn Ellis and under this latter name she is a well known author of books and a prominent journalist specialising in profiles and interviews with the powerful and the famous. (See BOOKS )


The controversial author achieved world wide renown with her unique best selling biography of JOHN MAJOR, but after a gymnasium accident she turned to music and within a month was being filmed singing for a TV show produced by the BBC.


Her decision to develop her talent as a singer brought in a tidal wave of compositions. She launched her work before an audience of VIP’s at London’s top jazz venue, the Pizza on the Park. The concert was sponsored by Camelot PLC, the British Lottery fund.

In 1999 she took an all French, one woman show, Saisons d’Amour to the Edinburgh Festival, sponsored by Virgin Trains, Scotland.


Open this clip to experience her performance at Edinburgh of two well known French standards of Charles Aznavour and Edith Piaf, Il Faut Savoir and La Vie en Rose.

Aznavour, Montand, Trenet and others, in one woman shows to discerning audiences in Paris. Word of mouth has brought people to hear her work in the small theatres and concert venues of Montmartre and the Left Bank.


More recently, La Sirène has turned to jazz, singing the blues, and also composing her own French and English jazz songs. For this reason, with international marketing in mind she is now renamed as YZABEL. But in France, she will always be La Sirène de Paris, or just La Sirène.

Open this clip to see Yzabel singing at one of her concerts in Paris on le Bateau Bel Horizon.






When first in Paris Yzabel auditioned to perform in the Metro.


Click here to see her singing to the delight of the Parisian commuters and for a UK TV production.












La Sirène de Paris

From there, the famous author, now known as the owner of a thrilling contralto voice and the composer of moving love ballads, went on to produce and perform in numerous dinner cabarets at prestigious London venues. One of these, at St James’s Church, Piccadilly, was inspired by the aim of healing the nation after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

For this, she composed Les Rivages de Paradis, an exceptionally beautiful French song which became the title song of her first French CD, Les Rivages de Paradis, recorded in Paris in 2001. Singing in French became an important development and many of her English concerts contained one or two of her own French chansons.

She has recently written a screenplay and the music for a feature film, 'Three Days In September,' the story of a singer who comes to Paris and is haunted by a mysterious love from the past. Open the adjacent clip to see her perform La Pluie d'Amour a theme song from the film, 'Three Days In September.'


During the spring of 2005 she played the title role in a short film about a singer in which she performed her passionate love ballad, Tes Yeux. See Film page. She is now working on a new stage show, A Love is Like a Day which with songs and dance, tells the story of a love from dream to realisation.

She moved to Paris in 2000 and soon, nicknamed La Sirène,  ( The Mermaid) she became known as a singer of poignant love songs, performing her own lyrical compositions and also well known French songs of Piaf,

Nesta Wyn Ellis